It is a long established fact

CIDAC Developers has a reputed track record of transforming your architectural and constructional dreams into reality with high professional standards. Our armory of qualified and experienced personnel are equipped enough to convert your ideas into something that you could cherish for a lifetime.

CIDAC Developers put its interest into the inside outs of construction, including Interior Design, Architectural Design, Project Management etc. Our vision is to be a trademark in the field of Construction and designing and get to a stage where our contemporaries could look up and raise their bar higher to meet the standards that we set.



Once your base it stable, an empire could be built on top of it. At CIDAC Developers, we do just that for our customers. The expertise of our highly efficient employees has the potential to produce state of the art constructional plans purely based on each individual customer’s needs. The projects that we undertake are given intense care and attention which reflects in the outputs that we generate without fail. We put our priority on quality and discipline which is why we can assure an unmatchable finish and a timely delivery, every single time.


When it comes the designing, the primary concept is to be on top of the ever changing fashion trends and at the same time adhering to the enduring standards as well. The idea of building a home is something that requires a long thought process and it is everyone’s wish to build a home which is creative and trendy and at the same time, affordable. We realize the importance of this, which is why our team is on a constant mission to keep up to the changing trends and finding ways to stitch them into our vision and ideologies, so that every customer benefits in the best possible way.

We have an endless array of services to offer when it comes to designing, as it is one of the main aspects that make each of our projects stand out from others.

Project Management

When you are planning to build a home for yourself, having an idea is one thing but to associate with someone who is trust worthy and efficient is a tedious task. We at CIDAC Developers not only take your ideas to the next level but also do it in an arguably economic fashion without compromising on the quality and satisfaction of our customers. Our highly talented Project Management team goes through even the minute details of each project that we undertake with utmost scrutiny using the most modern facilities which is the reason why we are able to offer smart and elegant outputs at minimal cost and in a timely manner.

Our strong management team always strives to stick to the ethics of high quality customer service and professionalism thereby contributing to the prosperity of our Country in every which way.


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